Crystallize Your Tale

Golden Ignis

Dance of the Fire Dragon



Within this anime-inspired, dystopian universe, players are transported to a post-war, near-future setting and have the chance to test their strategic skills and earn rewards by collecting crystals.

Players face off against each other on a full-scale and active game field. Each player uses a collection of 31 crystals, referred to as a ‘Crystal Pool’, to outwit their opponent. Each crystal contains a fragment of energy which is used to summon allies and deal devastating attacks to the opponent.

Utilizing the Pool’s strength, while exploiting the weaknesses of the opponent are essential. An extra layer of strategy is added, since the game field can impact the game as it can change during a match.

CrystalE Realm

Unravel the mysteries of the constellation network, obtaining various characters, ancient lore, and other celestial treasures. These digital collectibles will be yours to behold as you piece together the cosmic puzzle of the universe of the Crystale Realm.

As you progress, your constellation will come to life as map of the stars that charts your journey through the game. Display your constellation as a player card to your peers and Crystallize Your Tale for all to see.



Players use a personal collection of Summoners, Servants, and Spells to battle opponents. Summoners act as the commanders. Summoners are unable to engage in combat directly, but are capable of summoning and supporting Servants. Servants are the combat specialists, essential for both offense and defense, and are key to defeating the enemy’s Summoner. Spells, imbued within Crystals, are ancient powers that provide critical support to a Summoner’s cause.


Phase 01

Q4 2021 – Q2 2022


Developed the 'Crystale Realm' for the game, including its backstory, characters, and artworks, to foster player immersion. In parallel, created the Proof of Concept to test the game's fun factor, mechanics, and balance, refining them based on gamer feedback.

Phase 02

Q2 2022 – Q1 2023


Initiated the development of the MVP and produced the whitepaper outlining the Crystale's objectives and purpose. Onboarded team members fostering a robust alliance. Concurrently, preparations for the soft launch of the community and socials.

Phase 03

Q1 2023 – Q2 2023

Soft Launch

Crystale kicked off with the online presence and marketing in preparation of the Season Pass and manga which adds a unique, narrative to the Crystale Realm. Alongside, refining the game based on testing and feedback, concurrently forming strategic partnerships.

Phase 04

Q3 2023 – Q1 2024

MVP & Alpha

Gamified the whitelisting for the Season Pass mint. In parallel, The MVP is released and the Alpha development is in progress. Concurrently, we are focusing on team expansion. Strategic partnerships have been embedded to enhance collaborative potential and ventures.

Phase 05

Q3 2024


Feature refinement for Beta and continuous testing and improvement. Adding integrations through partnerships, ensuring a seamless gameplay and user experience. Alongside, preparations for the pre-sale will be underway, engaging with our early adaptors.

Phase 06

Q1 2025 - FUTURE


The Crystale release will be an immersive gaming experience with features like Constellation, Championships, PVE and renting for broader content access through live services. The Crystale Realm will serve as an expansive universe for players to explore and interact.

Crystale Team

  • NEvillE: GEnEral managemEnt

  • HEinrich: Art dirEctor

  • RaE: MarkEting & community managEr

  • Marco: TEch LEad

  • Kushagra: UI/X dEsignEr

  • PhoEbE: Unity devElopEr

  • Shivam: Unity developEr

  • Manya: ProjEct managEr


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